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Fortunately we are able to open during the Covid 19 restrictions in Ireland. We have high levels of stock and our staff are staying safe through family and work based isolation. We are also practicing social distancing and preventative hygiene procedures to stay safe for as long as required.

In the meantime we have a sale on all our products to bring sales forward. I started the sale a few weeks ago to bring sales forward as I anticipated problems with global logistics. However restrictions in global shipping are unnecessary as the disease does not spread efficiently on objects and is highly unlikely to survive transport conditions. We are ensuring this risk is limited by maintaining good hygiene and disinfecting packages prior to shipping.

It is very unlikely global shipping will be stopped but, just in case, we have a cancellation period of 14 days from purchase. If we cannot ship the order out it will be fully refunded including any transaction charges.

Brexit does not effect shipping, taxes or import to the UK yet as no changes have been implemented and are unlikely until early 2021.

I hope that you stay safe, take care, Shane

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