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The MIGRO UVB 310 is an 18W Fluorescent tube, hanging Light fixture with 2M (6ft) power cable

System output: 75% UVB and 25% UVA, Spectrum peak at 310nm (UVB)

Recommended coverage: up to 120cm x 120cm (4ft x 4ft) or 150cm x 0.75cm (5ft x 2.5ft)

Recommended use: 2 hours mid-light cycle for the last 3 weeks of flowering

Hanging height: 60cm or 2ft

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The MIGRO UVB 310 is an 18W Fluorescent tube, hanging Light fixture with 2M (6ft) power cable
  • Fluorescent tube: T8 UVB LAMP, 18W, 589.8mm, 230V, Wavelength 310-
    320nm, G13 base. Class 2 insulated
  • Light Fixture: AC100-277V 50/60HZ 0.6MM aluminum body, UV reflective aluminum reflector, electronic ballast, PF0.5CE/UL EMC,  bodysize: 615*60*40mm reflector width: 60mm, 2M 2*0.75 cores cable, hanging: 2 x stainless hooks
  • Hanging height: 60cm (2ft")
  • Light dimensions: 62cm long x 6cm wide and 5cm high (24" x 2.5" x 2")
  • Total Power consumed: 22 watts
  • Voltage / Current: 110V / 1.1 Amp; 220V / 0.5 Amp
  • Spectrum (energy): 75% UVB 25% UVA
  • Lifetime: 5,000 hours
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Hanging weight: 300g (11 Oz)
  • Shipping contents include:
    • Light fixtures: 1 x 60cm or 2ft T8 UVB fluorescent tube
    • Driver:  1 x T8 60cm or 2ft Fluorescent light fixture with UV reflective aluminum reflector
    • Cables: 2m cable
    • Plug: UK, US, Euro, Swiss or AUS plug options


  1. Lisa McMahon

    Great design. Even better price. The spectrum is exactly what I was looking for. I just ordered and can update later after I use for a review of it.

  2. elvisjrrivero

    Thanks shane!!! First time costumer and couldn’t be more pleased!!This design and price is perfect. Shipping was presice, communication was especially on point. Ill give my full review after usage. 5 out of 5 stars.
    Can’t wait to make my next purchase

  3. Mycorrizzle

    Great customer service and faster than expected delivery. I will update in about 1½ months after ive had a chance to try it out.

  4. Tommy Lee Case

    I ordered this light for my grow on Dec 16th. It took a lot to even find out when it would ship. They said Dec 23rd it would go out. Time past I get an email saying it would ship Jan 6th, past the time for this grow. I asked for my shipping to be refunded due to the 19 day wait for it to ship. The day before it was supposed to go out they canceled my whole order! I was a huge fan of their company but I would buy a damn thing from them now! They operate like a broken go fund me and can’t even get their product to a customer. If you’re buying from the US find a different company!

    • Shane Torpey

      Hello Tommy, apologies for the error on our end. We should not have cancelled and refunded your order, we should have just refunded your shipping amount as you requested. This was my error and I apologise.
      As an apology I will still send you the UVB fixture, it should be dispatched early next week.
      We have had to deal with a lot of Covid issues in the last few weeks, in particular half our staff out on sick leave. We have also had Brexit in Europe which has affected delivered to Ireland on top of major issues with getting supplies on time over the Christmas period.
      Apologies again and sorry for the inconvenience and disruption to your grow.

  5. Nathan Schurmans

    Wow, that is some amazing customer service. I certainly hope Tommy is pleased with that. I haven’t received my UVB grow light yet but the communication from Shane the entire time has been outstanding! I am very pleased with their product transparency, consumer service & communication, I look forward to purchasing the array 4 when I have to upgrade from my SF-2000.

  6. manantialestrip1

    Hola,comentar que e recibido el pedido de “UVB 310 Migro”,como siempre excelente embalaje.
    Agradezco el buen trabajo que realizan tanto de investigación como de fabricación de productos.
    Encantado con este producto que ya agregue a mi “Migro aray 8” que funciona de maravilla.
    A la espera del resultado final.
    Gracias al equipo que forman “Migro”!!

  7. Dj

    Bought this light about a month ago hoping after the extensive research I did on uv lighting it would be worth it and after a month of using it I must say in a side by side comparison this light is 100% worth it increases in terps and visually just love how they are looking also don’t know if it’s the light but plants under ur light seem more hardy towards end I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a boost in there setup one thing I would love to see is the most efficient way to hang it because I have a led light strip set so can’t exactly put directly above without blocking light from the led strips maybe u could do a par test to show some efficient ways to hang other then directly above that is shane love the channel one of the best out there

  8. Sella

    I bought this fixture recently, so I’ll update the review as soon as I have tested it in the long period. Since now it seems working fine and I love the the look of the entire fixture, light and elegant.
    Anyway, till I wait for the expected results, I have to say that I’m fully satisfied about the transaction: shipment was quite fast, the UVB310 is a high quality fixture and the customer support is maybe the best I had to do with.
    I also received a unattended extra tube in the box, guess due to a packaging mistake: when I reported the “issue” to Partech, they told me to keep it as spare part. I Couldn’t ask for a better solution, thank you again.

  9. Roland

    Great product, better customer service 🙂

    Easy way to add 310nm to your garden and if you have any issues the team at MIGRO are sure to help you out and provide advice. Pleasure to do business with!

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