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The MIGRO UVB 310 is an 18W Fluorescent tube

System output: 75% UVB and 25% UVA, Spectrum peak at 310nm (UVB)

Recommended coverage: up to 120cm x 120cm (4ft x 4ft) or 150cm x 0.75cm (5ft x 2.5ft)

Recommended use: 2 hours mid-light cycle for the last 3 weeks of flowering

Hanging height: 60cm or 2ft

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The MIGRO UVB 310 is an 18W Fluorescent tube, hanging Light fixture with 2M (6ft) power cable
  • Fluorescent tube: T8 UVB LAMP, 18W, 589.8mm, 230V, Wavelength 310-
    320nm, G13 base.
  • Hanging height: 60cm (2ft")
  • Total Power consumed: 20 watts
  • Spectrum (energy): 75% UVB 25% UVA
  • Lifetime: 5,000 hours
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Shipping contents include:
    • Light fixtures: 1 x 60cm or 2ft T8 UVB fluorescent tube


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