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The MIGRO ARAY 2 is a 120W to 130W  LED grow light with 2 LED bars, a single driver with dimmer control and a 3.5m (12ft) long cable

System Efficiency (usable PPF): 2.25 – 2.37 µmols/m2/sec/watt

Recommended coverage: 60cm x 60cm or 2ft x 2ft for flowering

The MIGRO ARAY 2 is a 120W to 130W LED grow light with 2 LED bars, a single driver and a 3.5m (12ft) long cable
  • Flowering coverage: up to 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft)
  • Vegging coverage: up to 90cm x 90cm (3ft x 3ft)
  • Hanging height: 16cm (6")
  • Number of LED bars: 2
  • Light dimensions: 38cm x 46cm (15" x 18")
  • Power consumed: 115 to 120 watts
  • Driver Dimming: 10 to 100% PWM dimming
  • Voltage / Current: 110V / 1.1 Amp; 220V / 0.5 Amp
  • Total PPF: 310–320 µmols/sec (estimated)
  • Efficiency PPF/Watt: 2.62.7 µmols/joule (estimated)
  • Spectrum:
    • Full spectrum RED: Seoul Semiconductor and Osram 660nm Reds
    • Full spectrum PRO: Seoul Semiconductor and Osram 660nm Reds
  • LED protection: Acrylic conformal coating (waterproof)
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours (8.5 years @ 16hour/day)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Hanging weight: 1.3Kg (2.85lbs)
  • Hanging system: Cable hung on cable grip and ratchet hanger
  • Shipping contents include:
    • Light fixtures: 2x MIGRO LED bar grow lights
    • Driver: 1x MIGRO driver
    • Cables: 3.5m cable
    • Plug: UK, US, Euro, Swiss or AUS plug options
    • Dimming: Inbuilt dimmer 10-100%
    • Hanger: 1x Cable hanger


  1. Giovanni

    What a well engineered and built light. Performance and efficiency from the start, a very low heat signature and low running costs. The growth rates on plants are excellent, I just wish I had bought Migro from the start, definitely upgrading from one ARAY 120W to fill my grow room as soon as I am able

  2. Carl Suffoletto

    I have used other grow lights from the original Procyon 100, to the Mars Hydro reflector 144… the MIGRO ARAY has surpassed all expectations in functionality, quality, and spectrum of light! I no longer need supplemental light, or special glasses to verify the health of my plants. No more worries about fans, and heat circulation – happy, happy, happy!
    Thank you Shane!

  3. Joshua

    Again, really great product. Well done!
    I can already see the difference even after a short time. Hands down the best light I have used (of any type) in my 60×60. All aspects. The ARAY jumps straight to number 1 in what was my top 3 (HLG QB v2, Lumatek Attis and SANlight Q3w gen 2).
    I know the design that is sleek, simple and slightly unconventional (one cable hang etc) may deter some folks but it’s 10/10 from me guys, on all aspects. It is obvious how much thought, planning and design hours went into this. I Will do what I can to “spread the good word” about it to all the folks I converted to the HLG;)

    Cheers and have a good one

  4. Colin

    Bought the Migro ARAY based on the positive customer reviews. Very happy with the solid, top quality construction. Very bright with no moving parts to fail. The only minor thing its missing is a scale behind the dimmer knob which would have saved me hunting for my kilawatt meter

  5. Tom

    Really great light, only had it 2-3 weeks so will do a review in 12 months time if I can. Perfect for my little seedling/clone mother tent that’s 60x60x160. Amazing quality and efficiency for the price. Had to wait a little longer for the light than expected but was contacted immediately by migro who informed me of this and still received the light within 2wks of purchase. Won’t hesitate to use this company again for my next purchase.Only slight criticism I have is that the dimmer could be more accurately labelled or have fixed positions for example 20% increments, but this isn’t an issue and again for the money it’s really a great light.Cheers

  6. Eric Gowen

    Ive bought the Migro 120W recently and holy crap what a difference. The resin production under this light is very nice. Perfect light for small space grows. I will be buying a second one as soon as I can

  7. Greg

    Thanks Migro for making a fantastic fixture. I’ve been using LEDs for years and was gutted when your last light went out of production as I’d heard so many good things.
    The Aray was worth the wait. I am astounded by the output from the 120W and can’t wait to upgrade by adding a second for the next grow.
    Keep up the great work!

  8. Payen

    10 days after buying my first light.. I’ve bought a second. That’s how impressed I am with these lights. My seedlings have been on half power for a week and have rocketed. Using a plug in meter I can adjust my light to suit the stage of growth and see what electric I’m using. In comparison to hps and such like its nothing. Like running a domestic light bulb only a darn sight brighter. Check out the youtube vids. These lights work.

  9. Michael Martinez

    Many thanks Shane for the excellent service. Postage was very quick and descreet, the lamps are the best quality ive seen and promote growth and flower highly recomend, not to expensive to run and the lamp life really makes it good value in the long run would definately use again

  10. Joshua

    Hey guys,

    So happy with the light.
    I am spreading the good news where I can.
    Again I really appreciate all the obvious effort put into creating this.

    At some point I am interested to try the far red version and see what the differences might be. I must say my average yield has gone up just over 10% using your light. Wicked! Great stuff, keep rocking

  11. B. Bade (Maryland/USA)

    I bought 2 120Ws early September. Enjoying first yield now. I have squeezed 2 120W into a 2×3 tent. Looking healthy, good crystal formation. Have the right strain and the Array will do the rest. I just finished doing carrots as well. They look well on top, waiting to see what’s in the soil….
    Planning a ScroG with the lights next. Definitely invest in these lights. I will be ordering additional lights as I am very pleased and my cheap China lights are burning out so why replace with cheap when far better quality is available.

  12. Luke

    I purchased the Aray 2 – Red and installed it a couple weeks into flower. Beautiful design to evenly distribute PAR and the plants are responding so well.

    I took up this brand because of the honest marketing from Shane and my focus on a reliable, efficient investment. Very happy that I did so! Thanks MIGRO!

  13. Michael Delaney

    I just wish I had discovered Migro, and Shane and Stephen, when I started growing. I have the migro 100, which still kicks ass, and added an Aray 2. I find both of these easily beat a 600 hps on plant growth, without the huge electricity bills, and the incinerating temperatures. Migro are also highly aesthetic lights that just ooze quality. The customer service, is the best, hands down, I’ve ever experienced, over 3 decades as a consumer.

    I ordered the UVB as well, and will be shortly getting another Aray 2. It’s just a pleasure dealing with these guys, who are absolutely honest, and people with old fashioned integrity. Rare to find these days.

    I can’t recommend Migro and their products, highly enough. You won’t be disappointed. I wouldn’t now deal with anyone else. The plants are absolutely thriving.

    Check out their Youtube channel as well. So much real world information and some great tips.

    I’m a very happy chappy, in these dreadful times. Thanks Guys for all the advice and help. And the best lights out there.

  14. Brian Macphee

    I am stoked to have received this light so quickly. Can’t wait to see what she does for my tent. I will try and remember to update after harvest.

  15. Alex

    I’ve got a Migro 100 in a 2×2 enclosure – how does this light compare? Was hopeful to understand the principal differences between the units! Thank you.

    • Shane Torpey

      Hi, the wattage is very similar but the ARAY 2 will deliver up to 20% more PAR to the plant canopy in the PRO version and 10% more in the +RED version. The spectrum is very similar also.

  16. Burlington Bertie

    Another little beauty from the Migro stable – sleek, elegant, efficient. As always, Shane keeps the micro-grower in mind when he works his magic – deliberately designing his latest offering to maximise any grow space, vertically and horizontally. Anyone who’s met Shane knows his commitment to excellence is unquestionable. Genius.

  17. John Bradbury

    I’m impressed! Elegant fixture with a great even light spread. Solid materials used and I can tell much careful thought was put into it’s design. The Pro version I bought runs pretty cool compared to the other light I replaced. Like how the driver is separate to keep the temps down in the tent and to make dimmer adjustments more convenient. Plants are loving it!

  18. Mattia

    cosa cambia della MIGRO ARAY 2 dalla versione spettro completo e la versione spettro completo + rosso e la versione spettro completo + pro rosso ? aumenta la fioritura ?

    • Shane Torpey

      Ciao, lo spettro completo è l’uscita più bassa, il + ROSSO è l’uscita media e la PRO è l’uscita massima.

  19. Johnny Bravo

    Amazing. Quality. Period.

  20. Doug

    After researching LED lights for months, I finally got the Migro Aray 2 Pro for my 2×2 tent. I use using a cheap Chinese blurple. Wow! It’s bright! Just finished my first full grow with the Aray 2 and was impressed. Awesome resin production. Great customer service as well. I had sent Migro a few questions prior to purchasing the light and they were answered quickly. If you are looking for an LED light, seriously consider the Aray series. I love it. Thanks again gentlemen

  21. Iain Macpherson

    Really impressed with this wee light.. using it in a small 70×70 tent and its absolutely perfect. great quality and very powerful but somehow keeps the temps low – recommended!! Be aware there’s fairly high import charges to pay though if you’re buying in the UK, so factor that into your price.. thanks those idiots that voted for Brexit for that!

    • Shane Torpey

      Thanks Iain, we don’t charge UK customers VAT on our website so it is payable on entry to the UK at the standard 20% UK VAT rate + a £6 processing fee.

  22. Andy

    Purchased this light 3months ago. Just got 1.5g per watt .What an amazing light! Grown in a 2x3x3 ft . I reckon I can get more than that next time. THANK YOU SHANE AND STEVEN @migro.

  23. Draz

    The aluminum fixer thingie between the lights is super mallable / soft. You need to make this sturdies. Otherwise I have also been experiencing issues with lights burning my plants, i never know what height/power should I go with. Can you give some quick fail proof height & power for each of phases,eg.: seedling, vegetative, flower phases?

    This is for Array 2 – 2ftx2ft space.

    • Shane Torpey

      Draz, thanks for the feedback on the connector bracket. We have upgraded it to a stiffer version since you have bought it. It is unlikely the light is causing plant burn at the recommended hanging height of 18cm. The max PAR at that height is less than 1,000 µmols. It is more likely the issue is nutrient related.

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