MIGRO 200+

*Back in stock on 21st June*

The MIGRO 200+ has two grow lights, a single driver and a 2.5M long cable. Ideal for a wide or long growing space or to use as a module to maximise a larger growing area.

Flowering coverage: up to 120cm x 60cm (4ft x 2ft)
Power consumed: 235 watts
Total PPF: 580µmols/sec
Efficiency PPF/Watt: 2.48 µmols/watt
Spectrum: Full spectrum (veg to flower)
Lifetime: 50,000 hours (8.5 years @ 16hour/day)
Warranty: 3 years

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We give you a high performance grow light in a flexible and affordable package for the home grower. MIGRO maximises the amount and quality of light reaching your canopy while minimising heat and running costs.


We have taken the led’s out of the fan cooled & boxed arrangement. This lighting layout is efficient to produce but, as the light source is concentrated in the middle, delivers high intensity directly under the light and little at the edges.

  • Uneven light distribution resulting in uneven growth
  • Hot spots and poor coverage
  • Poor light penetration


Multiple light sources result in even coverage and better penetration to your canopy. Even distribution of the light will result in healthy plants and high yield for all the plants in your grow area.

  • Even coverage and distributionfor low stress and healthy growth
  • No hot spots and coverage to edges of grow area
  • Excellent light penetration for higher yield

Quality light for healthy growth

The light output is a warm white to the human eye. A comfortable light to use and ideal for inspecting the health of your plants.

Full spectrum for dense, healthy growth from veg to flower
Even coverage with the best uniformity and no hot spots
90 degree borosilicate glass lens with diffuser for maximum penetration

Class leading efficiency and cool running

MIGRO is 300% more efficient than a CFL.

MIGRO is 50% more efficient than a single ended HPS system and is best in class for home growers.


Efficiency comparison


MIGRO is a fully sealed light fixture and is entirely safe to use in a wet area.
The electrical safety controls and low surface temperature ensure MIGRO is the safest grow light on the market.
  • Low operating voltage in grow room: <102v DC
  • Ingress protection rating: IP67 (wet area rated)
  • Max surface temperature: 50°C (HPS is +400°C, CFL 110°C)
  • LED driver: Over current protection
  • LED driver: Over temperature protection
  • LED driver: Over voltage protection
  • LED driver: Short circuit protection
  • No fans: No mechanical failure

More detail

More detail

  • Flowering coverage: Up to 120cm x 60cm (4ft x 2ft)
  • Power consumed: 235 watts
  • Voltage/Current: 110V – 2.0 Amp, 220V – 1.0 Amp
  • Total PPF: 580 µmols/sec
  • Efficiency PPF/Watt: 2.48 µmols/watt
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum (veg to flower)
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours (8.5 years @ 16hour/day)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Total PPFD: 466 µmols/m²/sec (in 60cm x 120cm or 2ft x 4ft area @29cm)
  • Average PPFD: 648 µmols/m²/sec (in 60cm x 120cm or 2ft x 4ft area @29cm)
  • Efficiency PPFD/Watt: 2.0 µmols/watt (in 60cm x 120cm or 2ft x 4ft area @29cm)
  • Lumens: 40,840
  • Efficiency lumens/watt: 174
  • HPS equivalent: 400W
  • Shipping contents include:
    • Light fixtures: 2 x MIGRO grow lights
    • Driver: 1 x MIGRO driver
    • Cables: 1 x 2.5M cable (2 outputs each)
    • Plug: UK, US or Euro plug options
    • Dimming: In built dimmer 10-100%
    • Hanger: 2 x 6mm rope hanging ratchetts



MIGRO is made with the highest quality materials and latest generation LED’s.
Rigorously designed, built and tested in our factory to ensure each grow lightlasts a lifetime.
  • Operating voltage: 90V to 305V AC & 47 to 63Hz frequency
  • Power factor: 96%
  • Dimming: 10 -100% PWM
  • Plug: UK, US or Euro plug options
  • LED components: Luminus LEDs (New Gen4)
  • Optics: 90 Degree Diffused Borosilicate glass lens
  • Cooling: Passive (no fans)
  • Lamp dimensions: W 200mm x H 170mm x D 160mm
  • Hanging frame: Not applicable
  • Weight: 2.3Kg Lamp + 0.9Kg Driver
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 35 °C


  1. Marty B

    I’m on my second grow cycle with these. The first yielded around 25% more than my usual LED, and used about 30% less wattage. It’s a no brainer to be honest. 🙂

  2. Tauseef Raza

    OK so here goes……. I don’t consider myself as an experienced grower but i have grown a few. The tent that i am using is 70 cm x 70 cm x 160cm. Not a big space as you can tell but big enough to grow a few plants. I was using a Chinese light that i had a lot of issues with. The main issue was that the heat that was being generated by the boxed LED’s with the internal fans which was causing havoc on my plants to stay short and stifled and the pink colour of the light was somewhat concerning as the i live in the UK.

    That’s till i decided to take the jump and invest in the Migro 200. What can i say….i have had nothing but absolute pleasure with these lights. My plants are tall, healthy and now because of the white light i can see what the state the leaves are in with out having to take them out of the tent. With my last grow i had 3 plants going but 6 weeks later down the line i realized that i had to take one out as it was getting too crowded in my tent. My plants were expanding so much that i did not know what to do with them. Never happened to me before 🙂

    The LED driver has an adjustment knob that you can adjust to push as much power as you want through the LED. This is a great plus point because it allows you to adjust the dimness of the light. This can come in handy when you have seedlings and or are growing from seed. These lights are passively cooled with a heat sink which means no fans. A great benefit to have in my personal experience.

    Conclusion: I could go on and on about these lights. You will know once you invest in these lights. My growing process is now an absolute pleasure and my plants are loving the lights. Most importantly the customer service is Excellent. Pre and Post sales.

    A Big Thanks to Shane from Migro LED for helping me choose the lights and making my growing experience extremely pleasant. I wish you all the success.

  3. Jess

    Hey, ok so I’ll tell you about my experience with these lights.

    I bought the Migro 200. I have an 80x80x160 tent with two 15 litre pots ( I have grown three pots under the Migro 200 in previous days) connected to an external reservoir and a small air pump. I have a small heater in the tent connected to a thermostat. I have the usual 125mm fan and filter. I used 60/40 coco/growstone.

    These lights run completely silent and are incredibly cool. I found that when I had the lights on, they added roughly 5c to whatever temperature the room was at. So for instance, when my room was its usual 19c, the lights would keep the tent up around 24c. This is ideal for what I was growing. Even on the hottest days I’ve had since buying these lights, the temp in the tent hasn’t exceeded 30c. This helped maintain flavours and aromas as the flowers never got crispy or too hot. Another benefit.

    The manufacturer of the tent I use recommend 160m3/h for HPS and 80m3/h for LED. This enabled me to use a fan controller and basically turn my fan half way down but still have plenty of negative air pressure but way less noise. This was an added bonus to the lights and saves money in the long run.
    Another thing I found using these lights is that during the flowering period, when I generally want temps lower, these are easier to achieve because of the cool running of the LED. There is also a dimmer so you can adjust light intensity. The lower temp during flowering always brings out an incredible shimmer on the flowers.

    The lights themselves are top quality. The heat sink is solid, the lens is like crystal. The cables are heavy duty and the hanging brackets are sturdy. The driver is good quality and has fittings for mounting etc. I would have liked to have seen a 10%-100% marker around the dimmer knob, that is literally the only thing, in 6 months of use, that I can honestly say I would “change” with these lights. You can adjust the direction of the lights while they hang very easily with little screws on the sides. I found this good for when I had a canopy that wasn’t exactly even or if I wanted to expose the sides of a longer flowering, taller plant to light.

    Customer support is 110%.

    I will be buying a Migro 100 in the next few weeks to supplement the MIgro 200 I already have. I will stick with these lights.
    I would like to see far red and UV available in smaller units to compliment the system.

    Thanks Migro.

  4. lio.lio09

    I received my order (Migro 200) in 4/5 days from the expedition, these lights are of incredible quality, the emitted heat is very acceptable and the passive cooling is a real treat for the ears;)

    Be careful the eyes these lights are very powerful

    If you are looking for effective lights go for it you will not regret it, for my part I adopted these lights;)

    Many thanks to the Migro team for the good work and the seriousness.

  5. Merlintom

    What can I say ,absolutely genius design and a engineering masterpiece that plants simply love to death these are the future and costumer service is amazing thanks migro keep it up …….love these lights

  6. Andrew

    My order arrived in six days, estimate was seven days. The unit looks very professional, not some plastic Chinese rubbish. I’ve not yet started a crop but will let you know how my first crop under Migro200 goes through to harvest.

  7. bricktop

    I tryed alot of different leds most are not very good but i got mirco 200 use in 80×80 tent and best result i had with no heat at all , love way u can turn down light to get just what u need ,very well built light , so happy with the 200 , i got myself 400 setup wait to see how that goes ,great costumer service and help

  8. James

    I have now completed two grows with my Migro LED’s and wanted to share this extremely positive experience with you all. On both grows with different strains I have had more resins, bigger yields and better quality taste and aroma’s than anything I got from MHL/HPS combination. I was concerned yields would be affected but they have increased by 10%. Fruits appear all the way down the stems with tight internodal spacing. I don’t have to change bulbs midway through a grow and I don’t have vent ducting running through my grow area with an additional fan cooling the lights (more room for growing in 🙂 To cap it all my electricity bill has decresed by 30%.

    I spent months looking at LED’s and reading up on full spectrums, blue and red spectrums and looked at so many diagrams of light wave-lengths I thought I was back in my Physics classes. Through all that I always ended up coming back to the Migro website. Rather follishly I had believed the nay-sayers still repeating the old arguments about LED’s not being the equivelant of MHL/HPS so I was reluctant to dip my toe so to speak. The results I have had using the Migro LED’s blows those arguments away and proves that LED’s are the future and already as good as or better than what went before them.

    These lights have dimmer switches (0% – 100%) and I only go 100% for the last two weeks of a grow. 50% – 85% seems to work well for 85% of the grow so puts you in full control if a plant grows too big and get’s near the lights or the plants show any signs of light burn. The light is full spectrum and if you watch some of Shane’s video’s research has shown that all wave-lengths of light are used by a plant and not just Red/Blue). The plants love this and, as I said to my wife, if you want to see what “Green” should look like have a look at the plants grow under a Migro LED.

    The customer experience with Shane and Steve was as good as any I have had from a seller. Honest and helpful, they provided a Migro 600 frame when purchasing a Migro 400 (I told them I wanted to upgrade the lights later on). There response, “Not a problem at all” and with no extra charge I might add.

    I ended up making two Migro 500’s (new model, Shane?) where I have 5 of the LED’s sitting on a Migro 600 frame (four around the edges and one in the middle). This works well in my 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m tent as each 1.2m x 1.2m square has 5 LED’s covering every inch (I found that 6 LED’s was to much light for the plants). I then used the remaining 2 spare LED’s I had left over for a small vegging area.

    To further expand on the customer service, the Migro team provided a missing bolt free of charge (no delivery charge either), gave me a discount (maybe I shouldn’t mention that, Shane), let me exchange one product for another, and also sent me e-mails about the upgrade options available. For customer service a lot of companies could take lessons from Migro as I cannot stop praising them enough.

    There are a few other equally good LED manufacturers out there (HLG and the SpiderArms-thingy-majibb LED’s) but I can only talk about Migro (Shane mentions all these in his YouTube videos so go watch if interested). I hope this review helps any would be buyers as it was similar reviews that I read which gave me the confidence to try Migro LED’s. Apologies for the length of this review but I really wanted to list all of the positives from my experience. Happy growing, Amigo’s!


  9. Dick

    Using Migro 200 with the Luminus Gen4 next to a Chinese growlight with 2 x Cree cx3590. Thanks to the great upgrade offer i will expand this time to the 300+ and work my way up, step by step to the 600+, replacing the Chinese one. These are great, bright, silent, flexible lights which i like but more important my plants like very much!

  10. Rey O

    I’ve been growing medical cannabis for the last 10 years now. I’ve tried everything there possibly is when it comes to nutrients, lights, mediums, etc. For the last 4 years I’ve been producing RSO (Rick Simpson oil) for my patients with cancer, autism, and other ailments and the migro light for some reason or another has produced some of the best oil to date. I have no doubt that it’s due to the light spectrum it puts out but the migro leds in my opinion have our done every light I have ever grown with. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in the past to find a led like this and came up short on yield or quality. With the migro just for the last few days on a grow migro less have given them at least a 20% increase of yield for the last 2 weeks. I’ve grown this strain religiously and found that the light does make a difference in yield. After producing the oil you can tell it was a little more potent not to forget I also got a 4% increase in oil just for having the light on my plants for the last two weeks of flowering! This led is the best led I’ve ever used! I will never spend my money on any other company because I already have in the past with no luck like I did with the migro led. I am reordering to get all my lights switched over to migro lights after the little bit of time I got to use them. Right now my migro are in veg and are producing absolutely healthy with praying hands plants every morning! I’ve never seen a light work so well for indoor plants. After all the hype of leds I was hesitant to try so when I did and spent so much money on competitive company’s to no luck you can imagine my hesitation buying the migro lights. A video of Shane explaining the true nature of lights has expanded my knowledge and for the last time I thought I’d give them a try. I can talk about these migro lights for days! They are great! Great design, great light, great company! I will be posting my grow reports to show everyone my results and grows. Thank you migro for changing the game thank you Shane for the information and help every step of the way!

  11. Gav

    Well so far I’ve had nothing but first class service,I had my light stored for a few months and I finally have it running and working, I haven’t tested the effectiveness of the light but the quality and the fact it is waterproof gives me all the proof I need to say that it is a brilliant product and I’m even going to buy another 2 so it’s a migro 400 as there far to good to pass by and I even had a fault with my dimmer on mypower driver and be for I knew it I had a replacement sent out which works spot on in line with my kw meter so needs to say whether you have a fault or want a quality product or you want advice on the light and more these are guys to come to as they will answer everything they can and provide nothing but a happy customer which you just can’t ask for more when this is the first light you’ve bought and I’m sure as time progresses I’ll be upgrading from soon to be migro 400 to migro 600. Thanks once again for all the help Shane and Stephen.

  12. Pete

    After reading many reviews and watching loads of videos I took the plunge and ordered a MG200 system. Migro were very helpful answering all my questions. The videos they produce are very informative explaining how things are measures and rated allowing me to search for relevant information on other systems and ask informed questions from their suppliers. I eventually decided to supplement my current HPS system with the MG200 rather than going down the CMH path which was my original plan. I received my order within two days and am very impressed with overall build quality very solid and incredibly bright, eye melting in fact, very impressed. Few very minor niggles and one not so. Sharp burrs on the brackets. A couple of eyelets on the brackets so that they hang squarely would be a nice touch. The knurled knobs are a bit awkward when you adjust the angle to compensate for the lack of eyelets, a couple of washers would resolve this. All these are easily resolved and I can do them myself. However the biggest niggle is all the power leads are all far too short. The tails on the lamps should be twice as long so they clear the brackets, the mains lead on the PSU should be at least 6-8 foot long, it is only a foot long (kettle lead would be a nice touch), likewise on the dc side another 6-8 foot would not go amiss. If you have a MG200/400/600 and only want to use one lamp for seedlings you will need the dc extension lead, otherwise you only have about 3 foot to play with from the lamp to the mains plug, very awkward and this includes the PSU, not great if there is water about. Migro recommend mounting the PSU outside your tent again this is virtually impossible without the extension lead in a normal size tent. Other than that looking forward to my winter “tomatoes” and if all goes well I’ll be doubling up next year. I’ll probably have to order the extension or I’ll stick with my MH for a few weeks more then use the pair. P.S. an external review did mention the short leads.

  13. Rog

    My god people we do not need a life story.
    -light works great
    -comparable to other high end cob set ups.

  14. Achvandra

    Amazing lights! All my mates are jealous of my yields, there using everything but these lights. Migro is the best compared to HPS CFL or those blurple leds($#!T€)

  15. Craig

    I bought the M200 in about March this year, what an absolute pleasure of a bit of kit.

    The heat sink is solid aluminium fins. It is a really hefty heat sink, for those use to extremely oversized CPU heatsinks, this is bigger! The hanging bracket is also a solid bit of hardware, using M6 thread bolts to hold it on (I believe, but could be wrong). The heatsink has a channel in it for the wiring to maintain the IP rating.
    The driver is solid but does talk about having it outside the grow room, which was not practical for me, but seems to be fine inside the grow area.

    I have only used LED as was worried by heat but from all info available about HPS/MH/CMH, the heat of mine is a 5°C between lights on and off, the heat of those others would have been significant and would have killed my crop.

    In conclusion I love them so much I have just requested the upgrade voucher to go from the M200 to the M400, and will probably at some point either go from M400 to M600 or grab the MVeg.

    Great bits of kit

  16. Matt Wellings

    I have been growing the pariah plant for a few years now in a DR90 tent, which is basically a 6 ft tall, 1 metre space. I grow from seed, and used to go from a 125w CFL bulb, then to an HPS (initially 250w, and the last couple of years 400w). I got ok results with this set up, but always struggled to keep my temperatures down, and I did not enjoy having such a fierce (and ORANGE !) light source.

    I am not a rich man, so these Migro lights were a bit of a stretch, and one that I needed to work. I bought an MG200 kit, and then upgraded it with an MG100, which gives me an equivalent to about a 450w HPS. I got sent the circular hanging bracket but am actually just hanging them individually as this is more flexible for me.

    I’m now 6 weeks into my 2nd grow with the Migros, and I won’t be going anywhere else for my lights from now on. My heat issues are gone; the lights are so much better to work with, as others have said, since the white tone shows any problems on the foliage right away; depth of penetration is very, very good; and overall, with the ability to adjust output, I no longer need to trouble with bulb changing through the grow.

    Shane & Steve are always available and helpful and the products they sell are of the top quality they advertise them as. There’s no doubt in my mind they do the job they’re supposed to, and I personally love the whole look of them. If there were design awards in this field, I would vote for what I think are beautiful, functional units.

    If you’re paying this sort of money for lights, you want them to have a bit of class, surely..?

    And with Migro, I believe that’s what you get.

    A touch of class for that lovely grass. Thanks Partech..!

  17. nikolaos malliakas

    I bought the MIGRO 200+ in about September just upgrade to 400+ HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT

    Thanks to Shane & Steve

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