MIGRO 100+

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The MIGRO 100 is a single grow light with a single driver and a 2.5M long cable. It is perfect for a closet grow, cabinet grow or grow box.

Flowering coverage: up to 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft)
Vegging coverage: up to 90cm x 90cm (3ft x 3ft)
Power consumed: 115watts
Total PPF: 284 µmols/sec
Efficiency PPF/Watt: 2.48 µmols/watt
Spectrum: Full spectrum (veg to flower)
Lifetime: 50,000 hours (8.5 years @ 16hour/day)
Warranty: 3 years

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Quality light for healthy growth

The light output is a warm white to the human eye. A comfortable light to use and ideal for inspecting the health of your plants.

Full spectrum for dense, healthy growth from veg to flower
Even coverage with the best uniformity and no hot spots
90 degree borosilicate glass lense with diffuser for maximum penetration

Compact light for tight spaces

Modular and flexible for any space

Each grow light covers up to 60cm x 60cm or 2 ft x 2 ft for Flowering. You can use just one 100W lamp for a small grow or arrange them in arrays to maximise any grow space. Very slim profile and wide angle lense makes it a great grow light for low spaces such as closets, lofts or basements LAMP CAN BE FITTED DIRECTLY TO A WALL OR CEILING

Class leading efficiency and cool running

MIGRO is 300% more efficient than a CFL. MIGRO is 50% more efficient than a single ended HPS system and is best in class for home growers.



MIGRO is a fully sealed light fixture and is entirely safe to use in a wet area.
The electrical safety controls and low surface temperature ensure MIGRO is the safest grow light on the market
  • Low operating voltage in grow room: <51v DC
  • Ingress protection rating: IP67 (wet area rated)
  • Max surface temperature: 50°C (HPS is +400°C CFL 110°C)
  • LED driver: Over current protection
  • LED driver: Over temperature protection
  • LED driver: Over voltage protection
  • LED driver: Short circuit protection
  • No fans: No mechanical failure

More detail

More detail

  • Flowering coverage: Up to 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft)
  • Vegging coverage: Up to 90cm x 90cm (3ft x 3ft)
  • Power consumed: 115watts
  • Voltage/Current: 110V – 1.0 Amp, 220V – 0.5 Amp
  • Total PPF: 289 µmols/sec
  • Efficiency PPF/Watt: 2.48 µmols/watt
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum (veg to flower)
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours (8.5 years @ 16hour/day)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Total PPFD: 225 µmols/sec (in 60cm x 60cm or 2ft x 2ft area @29cm)
  • Average PPFD: 620 µmols/sec (in 60cm x 60cm or 2ft x 2ft area @29cm)
  • Efficiency PPFD/Watt: 2.0 µmols/watt (in 60cm x 60cm or 2ft x 2ft area @29cm)
  • Lumens: 19,800
  • Efficiency lumens/watt: 165
  • HPS equivalent: 150W
  • CFL equivalent: 300W
  • Shipping contents include:
    • Light fixtures: 1 x MIGRO grow lights
    • Driver: 1 x MIGRO driver
    • Cables: 2.3M cable (including 1.5M extension piece)
    • Plug: UK, US or Euro plug options
    • Dimming: In built dimmer 10-100%
    • Hanger: 1 x Adjustable ratchet rope hanger (not steel display model)



MIGRO is made with the highest quality materials and latest generation LED’s.
Rigorously designed, built and tested in our factory to ensure each grow lightlasts a lifetime.
  • Operating voltage: 90V to 305V AC & 47 to 63Hz frequency
  • Power factor: 96%
  • Dimming: 10 -100% PWM
  • Plug: UK, US or Euro plug options
  • LED components: Luminus LEDs (New Gen4)
  • Optics: 90 Degree Diffused Borosilicate glass lens
  • Cooling: Passive (no fans)
  • Lamp dimensions: W 200mm x H 170mm x D 160mm
  • Hanging frame: Not applicable
  • Weight: 2.3Kg Lamp + 0.9Kg Driver
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 35 °C


  1. Closetgrower99

    I bought a MIGRO 100 for my small closet grow. I am very happy with the quality of the light and the yield from my grow. The light was super easy to setup. I love the dimmer controls and the low heat

  2. Dsve

    This little gem from Partech gives you the type of control you need for every situation. Great design, fair price. Happy days.

  3. Terry LeGrane

    I’ve been growing for many years with differnt types lights and this is by far the best I’ve tried. When it comes down to it you get more yield for less with these lights. The guys at Migro know there stuff.

  4. Gilles

    I starte using a Migro 100 on my mother plant six months ago in a 90 cm x 90cm area to replace 8xt5 24w 192 watts total. My mother grows faster and healthier than ever I highly recommend Migro light.
    Have a Nice Day

  5. Steve Harvey

    Super fast delivery.. this light is exceptional craftsmanship. in the design and build. Quality light. Ill be buying another soon.

  6. Steve Harvey

    10 days after buying my first light.. I’ve bought a second. That’s how impressed I am with these lights. My seedlings have been on half power for a week and have rocketed. Using a plug in meter I can adjust my light to suit the stage of growth and see what electric I’m using. In comparison to hps and such like its nothing. Like running a domestic light bulb only a darn sight brighter. Check out the youtube vids. These lights work.

  7. Alan

    I have read nothing but good reviews on this grow light, and they are all spot on. I highly recommend the light, not just for the quality but also the customer service and customer appreciation. Aftersales are just as important as the product, and both are excellent from this company. Worth every penny 🙂

  8. Martin

    I’ve been growing with LED since 2012. The MIGRO system is by far the best I’ve seen or used. One of the highest micro mol/watt available, and I’ve just pulled 1.65g/watt from my MIGRO light. Phenomenal growth and results, and very healthy plants – this full spectrum light COB is outstanding. Shane really knows his stuff; is around to help, answer questions and advise and his youtube channel is top notch too. These lights deliver the goods and are worth every penny!

  9. Kai uwe

    Hey guys this light is the future. This is the revolutionary led everybody has waiting for. Iam totally happy with it. The plants grow really healthy. Even on 50 procent in a 60 60 tent. Never had problems with the temperature. Plan to get my hands on some more of these masterpieces. Shane is such a nice guy he stand behind his product. He made a really good job and answers really fast if you have any questions.
    Thank you so much

  10. Jayson

    Great light well made .I did a side by side with spectrum king the king lost buying my second light Thank for a great light.

  11. Colin

    Bought the Migro based on the positive customer reviews. Very happy with the solid, top quality construction. Very bright with no moving parts to fail. The only minor thing its missing is a scale behind the dimmer knob which would have saved me hunting for my kilawatt meter 😉

  12. jaimealexi420

    BEST OF THE BEST, this lights incredible its built like a tank very high end, i almost got the optic but went with migro because of the light spread and specially the dimibilty since im having temp issues, there customer service is second to none, they reply very fast, big thanks to ‘stephen’ for getting the light to me crazy fast really appreciate it, Highly Recommended Company and Product, excellent experience overall, Thank You Migro!

  13. autobeast

    these lights are insane. and are the future for sure. i did 200w migro cobs vs 600 hps. and migro smashed it. plant growth and yield. 200w can bring u serious yields. and cost nothing to run. u gota see it to belive it. happy growing every1 😉

  14. Chris Robinson

    Fantastic grow lights I’m hooked. These lights are amazing really good yield plants are very healthy. I’ve ordered a second light will be getting more. Cheers guys great product.

  15. Andre

    This is simply an amazing highend quality.

  16. Giovanni

    What a well engineered and built light. Performance and efficiency from the start, a very low heat signature and low running costs. The growth rates on plants are excellent, I just wish I had bought Migro from the start, definitely upgrading from one Migro 100 to the 300 as soon as I am able

  17. Guillaume

    I just received the device and I’m very happy with it. Fast shipping overseas, great build quality, excellent light output. My MIGRO100 outpars my old 2x300w CFL (first setup), I can see this with my naked eye 🙂 4 weeks after : my plants needed a little time to adapt to the superior light quality, now they are thriving under this rich light spectrum. No more excess heat and no more power wasted 🙂 Thanks y’all for your great work.

  18. Mike

    I just ordered a second MIGRO 100. I’ve been using my first one all winter growing a variety of veggies and it has worked great. With the 2′-3′ footprint and dimmable driver, these lights are very modular which helps to ensure all of the plants get the right amount of light. Additional props to Shane too for being really helpful answering questions!

  19. MaZ

    Used the Migro 100 in 60x60cm space. Very happy with the results. Has very little impact on the ambient temperature. It’s safe, economical and the fact that it’s controllable through the dimmer is great. Great product that you can trust. Worth the investment.

  20. Pat Maghee

    I got my first Migro100 a year ago and it’s honestly worth every cent. Fantastic growth, minimal heat (compared to HPS) and oh so silent. I’m getting another one soon to replace my 150W HPS, I can’t wait to see how the Luminus Gen4 LED performs!

  21. Sue

    I received my Migro 100 at the end of January 2019 and have been very pleased with both performance and ease of use, with dimmer function and low heat being important to me.

  22. Navid

    The best choice after 6 months researching , effective and low cost

  23. Adam

    This light is awesome, i can strongly recommend it. Much Better then a hps 200watt. Yields are awesome compared to hps and less heat! Just hang it No closer than 40 cm or you will lightburn over time.

  24. Gary

    Recieved my Migro 100+ yesterday,Delivery was super quick,Nice and packaged,The light itself is a nice design and looks good,
    The amount of heat the light gives off is virtually no heat if you have ventillation and a smaller fan blowing across the Migro light,
    Will hopefully update my feedback once ive tested how the actuall light performs,Ive already upgraded to the Migro 300+ after 1 day with the Migro 100+,

    Ps:Would like to also add,Sent Migro 2 emails and recieved replies for both emails within 24 hours

  25. peterjaco

    Bought a migro about a year ago and it’s by far the best and most efficient grow light I have used great product great customer care all round a great company can’t wait to get my upgrade in a couple of days!!!

  26. calladine999

    Amazing light for the ££, bought to replace inferior light & within 24 hours plant had doubled in size & again the next 24 hrs, 3 weeks on & never seen results like this the plant loves it,
    heat very manageable, hardly uses any leccy & the dimmer is great, full control
    have just upgraded to the 200+ without an hesitation

    thanks guys at Partech this is a superb product, 1 happy cutomer

  27. kurt.heyvaert

    When I bought the migro 100, I immediatly saw a difference in my growhouse. For me, it’s the best light and I recommend it to everybody! And also a great service, a happy customer

  28. Joshua

    I’ve been using the Migro 100 for over 6 months now, and just upgraded to the 200+.

    Simply put, the build quality, the PPF/Watt and purchase price of these grow lights can’t be beat.

  29. Rainmax

    I buy this light cause it’s simple. Efficient. Easy to use. Beautiful design. Tested.
    I’m on a low budget but I already ordered second one. It outperforms my previous home made led light.
    I also watch majority of reviews on Migro uTube Chanel. Thank you Shane for everything.

  30. Eric Gowen

    Ive bought the Migro 100 recently and holy crap what a difference. The resin production under this light is very nice. Perfect light for small space grows. I will be buying a second one as soon as I can

  31. Joseph Gibbs

    I bought the Migro 100+ last December to start a small grow in our new place. I have been nothing but impressed with this light. I harvested 5.5 ounces in 2×2.5 tent with FF nutes & FFOF soil. So I pulled 1.5 grams/watt on a potting mix grow. Not bad. A word of caution, this light will burn your eyes & plants. So where the proper eye protection and don’t push short distances. It is built solid and low heat as well. If you’re on the fence just do it. You’ll be happy later.

  32. Syd

    Very fast delivery in well packaged box.
    Superb product.
    The plants love this light.
    Enough said
    Thanks migrow

  33. steveodoherty

    As a novice grower I was taken by the stealth of the 100 system. On collection I was treated to a tour of the Migro Development Unit from Shane, met the staff and was given advice on how best to get started. The results were so incredible that I have now upgraded to the 200. Virtually no heat and absolutely no noise – just a precision-crafted system which gives you complete control over your garden and breathtaking results. Bravo.

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