Greenpower Far Red Flowering

315w Greenpower 940 Ceramic Metal Halide bulb
4K colour spectrum + Far Red boost for full cycle growing from seed to harvest
PGZX18 lamp holder
Photosynthetic Photon Flux: 1.9 umols/watt
20,000 hours (80% original output)
Warranty: 1 year
0.7% UV
17% Blue
38% Green
45% Red
+21% Far Red

 73.80  59.04 ( 48.00 excl VAT)

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315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CDM, LEC), 4K colour temperature + Far Red boost
Full Spectrum from seed to harvest

Ceramic Metal Halide bulb spectrum comparison

We compare the spectrum of many popular Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs on the market for UV, Far Red and PAR output.

CMH bulb PAR output comparison

Ceramic Metal Halide bulb PAR output comparison. The MIGRO 3.3K agro is comparable to all market leading bulbs. The MIGRO 4K Far Red offers a unique blend of hig blue and high Far Red for lush, dense growth and superior flowering.

CMH bulb price comparison

Our Ceramic Metal Halide bulb price comparison shows how competitive the MIGRO 3.3K Agro is compared to market leading bulbs of similar performance.


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