315W CMH Economy (incl. Full Spectrum bulb)

The MIGRO 315W CMH Economy is a complete grow light fixture combining the ballast, reflector and bulb in one. For growers on a budget who want the best spectrum for lush plant growth and a high quality yield.

Flowering coverage: Up to 90cm x 90cm (3ft x 3ft) or 120cm x 60cm (4ft x 2ft)
Power consumed: 365watts
Bulb included: MIGRO 3.3K Agro
Total PPFD: 497 µmols/m2/sec
Efficiency PPFD/Watt: 1.4 µmols/watt
Spectrum: Full spectrum (veg to flower)
Lifetime: 20,000 hours (80% original output)
Safety: ETL and UL listed
Safety: Short circuit/Circuit overheat & Lamp failure protection
Warranty: 2 years

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Delivering the best spectrum for your grow on a budget

The MIGRO 315w CMH Economy delivers the best spectrum available for the grower on a budget.

Compared to both budget LED fixtures or High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide light fixtures the MIGRO Economy delivers superior spectrum and great value for money.

The best Budget Grow Light Spectrum comparison

Let’s look at the spectrum output of each lighting system and compare them.

Budget HID and LED spectrum comparison chart

The spectrum output of CMH, HPS, MH and Red/Blue LED grow lights compared to the suns output.

The Budget Red/Blue LED panel is primarily narrow band Red and Blue LEDs. This spectrum is proven to work but inspection of the plants is difficult and the benefits of a broad spectrum of light are now being realised.

The High Pressure Sodium bulb produces an efficient spectrum for growing but with only 5% blue the plants are likely to stretch.This is not ideal for growing indoors in confined spaces but has been tolerated in the past as it is a more efficient spectrum for growing.

The Metal Halide bulb emits a broad spectrum light and is suitable for growing from seed to harvest. However the relatively high amount of blue in the spectrum at 23% is more than needed. Increasing the amount of blue over 15% reduces the efficiency of the light for growing.

The Ceramic Metal Halide is a perfect spectrum for growing plants from seed to harvest. The level of blue light is ideal at 15% and the balance is red and green in equal measure. The addition of UV and Far Red in the spectrum delivers the closest match to the Suns spectrum.


The best Budget Grow Light Efficiency comparison

To give you a like for like comparison we used the same reflector, light hanging height, grow tent and testing method for each HID technology. We hung the Mars reflector at its manufacturers recommended hanging height. We have tested the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density or PPFD output of each grow light and divided by the power consumed. The efficiency result can be compared just like the fuel efficiency of cars can be compared using kilometers per litre. Ceramic metal halide is comparable with the highest efficiency Blue/Red LED grow light Mars Hydro produce.

Budget HID and LED Efficiency comparison chart

The grow light technologies have been tested for PAR light delivered to the grow area per kilowatt of electricity. Metal Halide is very low efficiency and High PRessure Sodium is the standard. The Mars Hydro Reflector LED panel is their most efficient model. The MGRO 315w CMH Economy matches the Mars Hydro for efficiency.


The best Budget Grow Light – running & fixture Cost comparison graph

We compare the three year cost of ownership for the the different systems including the orginal purchase price and running costs.

The High Pressure Sodium is the benchmark for PPFD output and the Metal Halide and Ceramic Metal Halide are multiplied by a factor to level the output of all the lights. For example 1.7 CMH systems are required to match the 600WHPS so that factor is applied to the CMH fixture and running costs so the two systems can be compared.

The three year running costs for the CMH is within a few percent of the running cost of the HPS or budget LED grow lights. As the CMH has a much more desirable spectrum it is clear that the CMH is the best overall choice for growing with HID or budget LED grow lights.

Budget HID and LED cost comparison chart

The costs compared for each fixture to deliver the same PAR average to a 1.2 x 1.2m (4×4) grow area. The costs for Metal Halide are very expensive due to it’s inefficiency. The HPS, CMH and budget LED panel are within a few percent of each other over three years growing.


Budget HID and LED cost comparison table

The costs compared for each fixture to deliver the same PAR average to a 1.2 x 1.2m (4×4) grow area. The costs for Metal Halide are very expensive due to it’s inefficiency. The HPS, CMH and budget LED panel are within 2% of each other over two years growing.












The MIGRO 315W CMH Economy is a simple but high quality fixture. Complete with bulb & ready to switch on straight out of the box with a slim line profile to maximise growing height. A great solution for the grower who wants the best growing spectrum on a budget.

  • Operating voltage: 120V to 240V AC & 50 to 60Hz frequency
  • Power factor: 99%
  • Ballast Efficiency: 91%
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <6%
  • Dimming: None
  • Plug: UK, US or Euro plug options
  • Bulb: MIGRO 3.3K Agro Economy, PGZX18 lamp holder
  • Reflector: Alanod Aluminium Reflector. Light reflection > 95%
  • Cooling: Passive (no fans)
  • Lamp dimensions: W 260mm x L 500mm x D 120mm
  • Hanging fixtures: 2 x ratchett hangers provided
  • Weight: 6Kg
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 40 °C


MIGRO Ceramic Metal Halide Bulb Vs competitors


Ceramic Metal Halide bulb spectrum comparison

We compare the spectrum of many popular Ceramic MEtal Halide bulbs on the market for UV, Far Red and PAR output.


CMH bulb PAR output comparison

Ceramic Metal Halide bulb PAR output comparison. The MIGRO 3.3K agro is comparable to all market leading bulbs. The MIGRO 4K Far Red offers a unique blend of hig blue and high Far Red for lush, dense growth and superior flowering.

CMH bulb price comparison

Our Ceramic Metal Halide bulb price comparison shows how competitive the MIGRO 3.3K Agro is compared to market leading bulbs of similar performance.

More detail

More detail

The MIGRO 315W Economy.

The MIGRO 315W Economy. A full spectrum Ceramic Metal Halide grow light.


  1. Mika

    Hi..do that Come whit lamp so you can grow
    From seed To bud or must the lamp take a toisen lamp 4 12h 12h

    • Shane Torpey

      Hi, the bulb included in the package is the 3.3K Agro bulb. It is suitable for growing from seed to harvest

  2. Alan

    Hi, would this be suitable for a 32″×32″×60″ tent and how much heat does it give off? Thanks.

    • Shane Torpey

      The 315W CMH is a good fit for your tent and will deliver an average of about 700 PAR across the grow area. This is a very good level for high yields. The heat output is about 200W per hour or 680 BTU/Hour

  3. Fluffy

    I have had the Migro 315w CMH for some months now, and i can say with 100% fact that this light is well worth the money and time. The price, service and quality are all 10/10. Thanks Migro .

  4. GH

    Not a review, but a few questions and a remark : it seems to me that the Far Red bulb provide a wide range of frequencies reaching the UV and the IR, a feature that combines ideally with the efficiency and practicality of the MIGRO LED series adding a smart design and an efficient, broad-spectrum illumination to the mix. Here are my questions : does the CMH315 fit well with a MIGRO300+ in a 3×3 grow area ? Would there be any heat issues to expect ? Is it possible to attach somehow the CMH315 to the circular frame of the MIGRO300+ ? Thanks !

    • Shane Torpey

      Hi, You can mix the CMH and LED and you will get a good overall spectrum and light spread. The MIGRO 300 and a 315W CMH emit about 500 and 700 PPFD respectively. This total of 1,200 PPFD would be suitable for a 5 x 5 grow area as it would deliver an average of 1,200 / 2.25m2 = 533 PPFD Which is a good PAR level for high yield.

  5. Anthony

    Hello I was looking to buy one, now. And I’m searching on eBay looking for a 315w CMH unit, found your site and thought your product was kool. Wondering if you ever have any deals on the unit. Thanks again

    • Shane Torpey

      Hello, we have made sure the light is priced very competitively in the market


    Hola estoy interesado en este producto. Lo primero, necesito la cobertura de 60×120 para floracion y no la de 90×90 en que se diferencia estas diferentes areas con el reflector, son reflectores distintos o se puede cambiar el area de cobertura de cuadrada a rectangular. –
    y segundo Tengo led cob de forma lineal todo el armario y quiero poner los dos paneles lec de 315w al centro de forma rectangular para que me cubran un area de 60×240 que espectro me aconsejas 3.3 o 4.0

    • Shane Torpey

      Hola, recomendaría el 4K para mezclar los LEDs para mejorar el espectro de luz

  7. Henry

    Hola Shane Torpey. Gracias por tu respuesta, así os los pediré.
    Pero no me contestaste sobre el reflector….Quiero que el reflector me cubra un area de 120×60 cm. Segun las caracteristicas del reflector puede cubrir un area de 90×90 cm o de 120×60 cm. ¿esto como es posible? ¿son distintos reflectores?

  8. Henry

    Hola necesito saber el area de cobertura del reflector.
    Es de 90×90 o de 120×60 cm… son distintos reflectores?

  9. Alan

    How is the 315 CMH packaged and how long for delivery? Thanks.

    • Shane Torpey

      Hello, it is packaged in a plain white box with no markings. Delivery is 2 days in the UK and Ireland, 4 days west Europe, 5 days Middle and East Europe. 3 – 4 days North America, thanks

  10. Michael Martinez

    How long do the bulbs last and is the unit compatible with other 315 bulbs for example the Phillips 315. Thank you.

    • Shane Torpey

      Hi, the bulb will generate 80% of its original output after 20,000 hours or about 5 years continuous growing.

  11. Riley

    would this be a exceptional light for a grow tent sized 2x4x5? If so how many plants could it sufficiently cover? thanks

    • Shane Torpey

      Hi, this light is a good solution for a 4ft x 2ft space and will cover from 3 to 5 plants depending on size

  12. Willam Burns

    I bought this 315 CMH to replace a HLG100 and a viper spectra 450 I’ve been using in my 4×2 grow tent I use for hoya houseplants. I’m very happy with purchase, shipping was extremely fast and light was well packed and bulb dou le wrapped in bubble wrap and inside plastic shell. As far as the light I love the spectrum it throws and casts its light very evenly compared to the other two lights. Hope to update in 6-8 weeks as plants adjust. Thanks migro for selling top notch lighting and taking time to review many differnt lights

  13. niko

    Excellent Support, fast delivery and the light is fantastic.

  14. Miguel

    Wondering if this would fit in 36in.x36in.x72in?

    • Shane Torpey

      Hello, yes the MIGRO economy 315W CMH is specified for a 3ft x 3ft grow area so will suit you perfectly 🙂

  15. Marc

    Would this light be too much light or heat for a 0.75 x 0.75 x 2m tent?
    Would this CMH be better than your Migrow 100?
    I thought that Led’s were better, but apparently CMH give better quality results?

    • Shane Torpey

      Hello, yes it would. The light is better suited to a slightly larger tent size of 0.9m x 0.9m. The CMH is 500 PAR output to the grow area for 360 watts and a single MIGRO LEd is 225 PAR output for 117 Watts so they CMH is over twice the output.

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