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We have a new LED Vs HPS yield result from a side by side grow test. Thanks to our good friend in the UK, Closet grower. The MIGRO 400 was challenged by a 600W HPS and beat it mercilessly! The MIGRO returned more yield with much less power consumed. In fact the MIGRO 400 delivered TWICE the yield per watt of the HPS.

The UK Closet Grower has run the grow diary right through the grow from vegging to flowering and final harvest. Each week the grows were compared and the plants from the LED and HPS side put side by side to show the difference. Because the grow lights were so closely matched there were no major differences through the grow.

LED grow characteristics

The two grows were done in the same grow room so it was hard to separate from heat point of view but the LED side ran about 2 degrees C cooler. More noticeable (it was a summer grow) was the lighter colour, and slightly more stretching in the HPS side.

There were more bud sites on the LED side and more evenly spread over the grow area. This was expected as the MIGRO 400 spreads the light evenly across the grow area.

HPS grow characteristics

The HPS side was very healthy throughout the grow. There was a little more stretching and a little bleaching of the leaves in the centre. The buds were more developed in the HPS side but there were less buds.

All in all it was a very close run on the overall yield but the MIGRO won out and with 40% less power consumed.

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