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Customer Grow diary report

Grow diary and yield report from a customer who purchased two MIGRO 600’s to replace his HPS grow light setup in a 8 ft x 4 ft (2.4M x 1.2M) grow tent.

Link to customer Instagram page: Terpendojo Instagram page


Plants: 8 x clones Black Cherry Punch – in House Genetics.

Medium: Canna Coco Professional Plus

Nutrients: Canna Coco A + B

House and Garden Roots Excelurator

Plant Success Great White

RO water, 1/3 tap water added back. (starting EC 0.4)

Grow room: Secret Jardin 4 x 8 DarkRoom.

Ventilation: 5inch intake, 8inch high power ruck outake through a Rhino pro 200/600 filter.

Multiple air circ fans on interior.


Growers Update week 6

Week 6 in Veg

“Certainly not the best image but just thought i would show you that things are going ok for my first run with the migros as i said.The strain is notoriously leggy so she isn’t the most photogenic! This is also about 12 hours since a relatively hard defoliate session. I will veg for around another 1.5-2 weeks then flip over!

The even spread of light is just awesome and helping maintain a nice (relatively, grower errors!) even canopy.

The lights could probably be dropped and turned down, but it’s me on my own raising/lowering them and i almost snapped putting them up! So they are cranked up a bit and i’ll let them head on up into the light 🙂

The plants are quite lush, just the brightness seems to completely bleach the photo”

Growers tech notes:

“Clones were moved on from small starter pots to 0.7L, topped and vegged to root out, then into final 11L pots.

Great White powder applied on each pot up. EC – 1.1-1.3

Kept light power at around 60%

When the plants needed water daily i turned the pump on to feed twice a day, until run off was achieved on the second feed.”

Growers update week 8

Filling out nicely

“An almost instant bounce back from being stripped down. another week and i’ll be back to the topiary. I have tried to include the lights in the photos, but find it quite difficult making them look good as i can only access the front.

We have had some piping hot days too, and as you can see they are not too stressed. I was air cooling 1600w previously, this time i only have the intake for fresh air and outtake with carbon filter. All is comfy using just a couple of small extra fans up top to keep the air moving.”

Growers tech notes

“Defoliated at several stages in veg, and once heavily a couple of weeks into flower. Applied a netting just for branch support, no scrog or anything.

So good temps and minus one large outtake fan!”

Growers update week 10 (1 week in flower)

“Everything is looking good to my eyes.

I said i would veg for a further 1-2 weeks i think. Well they are 7 days flipped as of now! I try to go at the point when i can feed 2/3 times a day in straight coco. They’re filling out as expected :)”

Growers tech notes

“Lights were 100% power by start of 12/12. Feeds now split into 3 – 1 hour after lights on, 3 hours after lights on, and 7 hours after lights on to achieve run off.

All run off was cleaned out using a wet vac – best thing ever for a run to waste grower!!”

Growers update week 12


“They have performed flawlessly in what can only be described as the devils arsehole of British summers. They have kept nice and squat this run and i’m fully putting it down to a much healthier spectrum, should make some nice photos if i keep them healthy until the end!”


Growers tech notes

“Upped EC to 1.6 for the remainder of the grow, and tapered down for the last 1.5 weeks to just clean water for the last day.

Very little heat issues throughout summer with temperature sitting around 27c for pretty much the whole grow!”

Growers update week 13

Buds are filling up nicely

”Little update, things looking good we reckon! This clip was on day 34 yesterday. Half way there or just under by looks of it.”

Growers tech notes

“Updating the tent for future runs too, going to grab a 1.5 x 3 x 2.2 budbox (white lined??) This will give me more room to work with the plants + lights, and i reckon it would not take away from anything having the two 600s a little further apart for a slightly better footprint. It also leaves some room for equipment etc. “

Nicely stacked frosty buds ready for harvest

Growers update week 16 – Harvest

A high quality yield from MIGRO

“that’s 1367g of dense bud & 415g of loose stuff for edibles etc. There is also a big bag of close trim.

1.4 grams per watt achieved overall!”

Full plant hang dry. Dry trim and curing in jars using Boveda 62% humidity packs!

An absolutely top quality product produced under the Migros!

Resin production is through the roof, and a good yield on oils etc is expected. The smoke is smooth, soft, and very sweet with a multitude of flavors shining through.. It also has a much more potent effect then anything i have tried from under hps!

I have dropped from 1600w with full extraction and gained yield and quality!

A large % of the hps fluff i would usually get is just prime, solid dense nugs!! This is where i have found my increase in yield for sure, there is just so much less waste. This could be even better with a tighter prune in the future.”

High quality and rock hard buds

Growers overall conclusion


“10/10, they look amazing, perform amazing and offer complete flexibility over where you have the lights positioned/angled over the grow. A peace of mind with regards safety and power consumption. Rock solid and knowledgeable customer support, which is priceless! “

Link to customer Instagram page: Terpendojo Instagram page
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